The Technology Leader in Sample and Insights Solutions

uSamp™ is not a market research company. We are a technology company that serves the market research industry. Technology drives our process. It separates us from everyone in the industry. It enriches everything we do. Our proprietary market research technology is the reason we have more targeted mobile survey insights, more accurate data and more accessible information on everything you want to know about our panel.


Engage, Aggregate and Manage Consumer Sample Instantly

In just a few clicks, our automated sampling solutions let you specify, price and populate your research study with qualified respondents who match the most exacting criteria. SampleMarket™, the next-generation market research panel software platform, provides better insights faster so you can instantly engage verified panelists, manage multiple sample sources and easily control the entire international sampling process online.

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Let Our Technology Work With Yours

We are the leading partner for API integration in the market research industry, including MR firms, ad tracking specialists and emerging startups. Seamless integration with the SampleMarket API lets you leverage our leading-edge infrastructure, features and functionality to slash development costs and maximize ROI. Our API will help you:

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Get Faster, Richer Insights

With geovalidations available at over 35 million locations worldwide, it's never been easier to gauge in-context customer experience. Our mobile research solutions help you stimulate brand engagement using QR codes, validate interaction with products through barcode scanning, and measure ad awareness and exposure.

Collect Targeted Responses

Reaching audiences is simple with our mobile market research solution. We integrate rich profiling capabilities with GPS functionality to help you zero in on age, gender, ethnicity, income, marital status, and geography. We can trigger survey notifications via geofencing technology and precisely target any location.

Make Smarter Business Decisions

Our mobile sampling solution is a one-stop-shop that enables you to gather real-time feedback by empowering customers to be your eyes and ears. You don't need to rely on post-experience recall. With mobile, you can hear from your customers at the moment of purchase or consumption.

Location-Based Research

Our precision GPS tracking and geofencing lets you identify, measure, monitor, and interact with respondents for instant onsite feedback. Validate respondents in over 35 million locations worldwide while gathering more qualified, varied, and interactive feedback from the mobile audience.

Rich Media Features

We harness the advanced media capabilities built into today's smartphones and tablets to deliver instant, comprehensive insights about the customer experience. Collect video, audio, and photo content from respondents and know where they are, what they see, and what they hear.

Software Development Kits

Our mobile software development kit (SDK) helps you seamlessly integrate our entire set of mobile insight features into your apps to collect instant feedback. Obtain actionable intelligence by surveying users inside the app. In addition to standard surveys, the SDK supports rich-media responses such as photo, video, audio, and barcodes. Increase the lifetime value of your mobile app users with SDK today.

Mobile Army™

Our Mobile Army™ is one of the largest mobile audiences in the industry engaged with a four-star mobile app – iPoll. Field research is quick and easy when you tap into our Mobile Army™ for on-demand feedback and customer intel. Mobile Army™ members are richly profiled and ready to provide on-the-ground insights, media, or information for your research needs.

Mobile Web

Our enhanced mobile web technology collects media-rich, real-time, targeted data from consumers on mobile devices directly from a web link. Prior to this technology, photo and video could only be captured via an installed app. Now it’s easy to survey audiences browsing the web—no downloading required.

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Programming and Hosting

You Call the Shots, We Make It Happen

We offer fully customized programming and hosting for your most complex market research projects. Our investments in survey infrastructure, programming, hosting, and technology can help you increase your efficiency with projects and lower your costs. Get the results you need within the budget and time frame you want.

Increase Efficiency, Decrease Cost

Our expert programmers design clean, intuitive online surveys that yield higher completion rates. Our skilled project managers understand research and can help you create more efficient research projects while minimizing cost. We can also program studies with custom branding, multimedia, or multiple languages.

Enjoy Robust, Adaptable Hosting

Our rock-solid hosting platform is flexible, supporting unlimited survey length and sample size, along with numerous question types. It also allows for consistency of survey answers and demographics among panelists, and real-time data and reporting.

Our programming and hosting services include:

  • Reliable and secure technology
  • Highly skilled project managers and survey programmers who understand research
  • Fully customized surveys with branding options
  • Advanced survey designs with complex logic capabilities
  • Multi-country, multi-language capabilities
  • Multi-media support
  • Real-time data and reporting