uSamp™ Publisher Network: The Key to Our Panel

uSamp™ helps market research professionals conduct research projects by connecting web publishers to our survey panel. Our vast publisher network offers their site visitors the opportunity to participate in engaging online surveys about global products and brands. For every survey complete, visitors earn rewards, publishers benefit from monetization, and market researchers get the insights they need. Everybody wins.

Why Publishers Should Join Us

Reliability, Longevity and Turnkey Implementation

For publishers looking to monetize their websites, banner advertising is no longer the only game in town. Partnering with us helps publishers supplement ad revenue with income from online surveys, the single fastest growing category of the $2 billion online market research industry. Our longstanding relationships with market research firms means site visitors will have fresh opportunities to express their opinions and earn rewards.

Customer Rewards

Take Care of the Audience

Not only do our publishers benefit from increased monetization, their site visitors stand to gain a lot from participating in surveys. Incentives are targeted for a specific audience, and may include:

  • Online gift and VISA cards
  • PayPal cash credits
  • Charity and nonprofit donations

The bottom line: Great incentives produce highly engaged survey participants, which is good for our market research clients and good for publishers, too. And after being rewarded for sharing their opinions, visitors have all the more reason to keep coming back again and again.

Recruitment Solutions

Getting the Word Out

Once publishers sign up as paid survey affiliates, we offer a variety of methods for recruiting audiences to our panel:

Database Import: Send a customized email to invite select members of a site to join our survey panel—all while observing strict privacy rules, of course.

Automated Registrations: Offer new visitors the opportunity to become a survey participant at the same time they register to join a site.

Website Promotion: Get display ads provided by our design team that promote exciting survey rewards.

Mobile Software Development Kit

Maximize Monetization

We offer mobile app developers an additional revenue stream through our software development kit (SDK). Our online market research platform integrates cleanly, so publishers can monetize their app and enhance user engagement. Here are some other advantages:

Engaged Mobile App Users: Recruit users for fun mobile missions that involve snapping photos, recording videos, and/or scanning barcodes.

Steady Revenue Stream: Each time a participant from a publisher app completes a survey or a mobile mission, we pay up.

Friendly Technology: Our simple SDK allows for easy implementation.

Deeper Insights: Demographic information culled from mobile missions can help create deep profiles on users that will enhance the app and help publishers negotiate better CPMs from display advertisers.