Global Panel—Richly Profiled, Highly Responsive

At uSamp™, our online market research panel begins and ends with quality. We achieve a best-in-class audience by recruiting from the best channel sources on the web. Through years of extensive profiling and screening, we’ve amassed a panel of 12 million highly responsive and diverse respondents worldwide, with 12,000 new registrants per day, including mobile. We reach niche panelists across any demographic from 90+ countries in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia Pacific. The result is a deep source of online users who produce reliable, high-quality sample frames.


From Canada to Colombia. From Spain to Singapore. When we say “global panel,” we mean it. Our technology solutions allows us to recruit and tap into almost any market in the world. And while our largest audience resides in the United States, we’re rapidly growing our panel in Europe and beyond. Need insights from Brazil? We’ll handle it. And to make things easier for our global panelists, we offer rewards in their country’s currency.

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Data Integrity

As the market research industry advances its methods and introduces new technology, quality data continues to rank as the top concern for research professionals. After all, good data hinges on honest, authentic consumer feedback. But fraudsters continue to make quality data collection challenging by creating duplicate accounts, speeding through surveys, or dishonestly answering questions in order to earn an incentive. Survey fatigue and burnout is also an issue, as some respondents abandon surveys due to poor user experience and design. No panel is immune to this kind of behavior, and there’s no perfect antidote to the problem.

At uSamp, we take data seriously. We believe that ensuring quality data requires a multipronged approach that involves channel sourcing, technology, and extensive panel engagement and profiling.

It Starts With the Channel

Good quality data begins with good quality panelists, which is why we source panel traffic from only the best partner sites. These web publishers are thoroughly vetted before joining our affiliate network and sending traffic into our panel for surveys. Not only that, we solicit client feedback on survey response quality so we can weed out any sources that aren’t up to snuff.

Technology Leads the Way

As a proactive response to data problems, we’ve developed unique identification algorithms to aggressively remove duplicate and fraudulent respondents. Following industry standard, we employ double opt-in registration to validate all new panelists. For our mobile panelists, we use GPS functionality to validate that respondents are actually where they say they are, ensuring their responses are based on a real experience with the product or vendor.

Healthy Panel, Healthy Data

When it comes to our panelists, we make every effort to combat fatigue by designing highly engaging surveys. We know that a poor user experience has a direct impact on response rate and quality, which is why all of our surveys—from mobile to online—are built with the user in mind. We also extensively profile our panel so that the right people get matched to surveys that are relevant to their interests. Lastly, we frequently take a critical eye to our member database, deactivating accounts with suspicious behavior.

Data is of the utmost importance to us. No matter how big or smart it may be in the eyes of the media, data is useless if it isn’t real and authentic. In the end, our goal is not merely data quality, but data integrity.


Over 12 million. That’s the number of people around the world who’ve subscribed to our panel and are ready to offer insights for your project.

But we also understand that it’s not just about quantity. Depth and diversity are equally important. We acquire traffic from a myriad of reputable web sources, so that you can find the exact audience for your research. Looking for healthcare workers who are interested in consumer electronics? We have them. How about business people who own pets and have tattoos? We have them, too.

Profiling and Targeting

Our panel is extensively and continuously profiled, allowing for complex segmentation across a wide range of personal identifiers. We collect hundreds of data points about every panelist, so you can target an audience based on predefined criteria. Asking thousands of questions has allowed us to tag our panelists with more than 52,000 keywords for fast, effective segmentation. We’ve also developed profiles for some of our most popular segments based on our existing body of research, so you can approach your study armed with helpful insights about your target audience.

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We’re experts at recruiting survey panelists through social media, global partners, and website publishers, averaging 200,000 unique visitors to our consumer websites every day, 12,000 of whom end up joining our panel. Extensive profiling for hundreds of data points ensures precise targeting. Traffic from hundreds of sources allows for a diverse sample pool.

Others Target, We Hit the Bullseye

Our creativity, cutting-edge market research technology and world-wide scope allow us to target custom panelists for clients. We acquire traffic from hundreds of sources for richly profiled audiences that are thoroughly screened and meticulously segmented. In short, we offer quality and specificity.

Reap the Rewards of Our Rewards

We also grow our panel by offering respondents great incentives in return for sharing their opinions. They can choose from over 200 different rewards—including cash, gift cards, or charitable contributions—to find something right for them.

Our Sampling Methodology

We rely on a number of proven strategies that help us carefully manage our market research panel so that we can deliver you a balanced sample of the highest quality.

  • Exclusion—We can exclude certain panelists based on the number of invites received or the quality of their previous survey participation.
  • Recall—We can recall our all-star panelists from the past to complete a new survey.
  • Frequency—We can control the number of times respondents are contacted for a survey.
  • Text and HTML Invites—We use both text and HTML invites to ensure the highest survey delivery rates.
  • Scheduling Control—We can schedule surveys to open or close at specified times.