Want to Help Transform the Market Research Industry?

Working at uSamp means you have a unique blend of originality and fearlessness running through your veins. It means you love to dream just as much as you love to execute. It means you like to work collaboratively and intensely. You celebrate progress and embrace fun and quirkiness. Sound like you? Your desk is waiting. Take a video tour. Take a tour of our teams and try on a few hats.

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Where Do You Fit In?

We are a group of originators – a team of current and future experts. Below is a flowchart showing how we all work together. Where do you fit in? If you don’t see a position that interests you, let us know how you can make a difference.

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Positions by Department

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uSamp is fun, rewarding, exciting, and intense. We have great people, great projects, and a great atmosphere. — Blair Callicott, Front End Engineer

We are creating mobile and online software that is transforming the marketing research industry. We are forward-thinking, thrive on execution, and love the buzz we are creating in this field. If you are interested in making far-reaching, industry changing impact through software development, join us.

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Accounting and Finance

The work is both challenging and engaging at the same time. All in all, it is a tremendous learning experience. — Mandanna Subbaiah, Manager of FP&A

We design the processes to support our global business, providing forward-thinking analysis and managing our day-to-day balance sheets. We love numbers, and we may love telling the story behind those numbers even more! If the idea of managing global financials motivates you, then you should join our team.

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Business Development

Our fast paced, ever-changing environment keeps me consistently challenged. — Joel Rose, Business Development Manager

We work on amplifying and building one of uSamp’s most important assets, our global panel. We focus on creating the most beneficial business relationship with our panel partners and have created one of the most significant panels in the industry. If you are a results-driven expert in online traffic, then you should join our team.

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We are asked to make the impossible possible. It's easy to do it with great support from managers & team members. — Gabrielle Ferdman-Rojas, Sr. Project Mgr

We are a team of focused, meticulous, and resourceful Project Managers that ensure thousands of online and mobile market research projects are executed on time and within budget. We interface with our clients throughout the lifecycle of projects – did we mention we are expert multi-taskers? If you like finding answers and have knowledge to share, we want you onboard.

We are currently looking for talented candidates to fill these positions:

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Global Bidding

Hard work and talent are recognized and rewarded immediately. I love working here! — Niyati Khanduri, Bid Consulting

We secure continued business and revenue for each of our product lines through proactive and consistent communication with our clients. We are successful because we are fast, competitive, and love to win. If the idea of representing uSamp through client communication and account management is motivating to you, then you should join our team.

We are currently looking for talented candidates to fill these positions:

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Our leadership team is 100% supportive of providing unique employee programs that promote an amazing & unique work culture. — Melissa Valenzuela, VP Human Resources

We create the team-embracing infrastructure that makes uSamp an amazing place to work. You can find us working with all of uSamp to organize and plan the next great benefit that will motivate you to contribute each day, and ultimately, build your career here.

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Working cross-functionally with all teams, we get to be storytellers, shaping the uSamp narrative for the outside world. — Lauren Sozio, Director of Marketing

We are brand evangelists tasked with the responsibility of telling the uSamp story day in and day out. We collaborate on a daily basis with the Sales, Product, Leadership, Development and Research Insights teams. Whether we're driving trade shows, webinars, social media, SEO or advertising campaigns, there is never a dull moment!

We are currently looking for talented candidates to fill these positions:

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The first thing my manager said to me was “I want to make sure to give you opportunities that line up with those goals.” — Vivian Acosta, Sr. Manager, Insights

We come up with creative ways to keep our 12 million person panel engaged and retained by providing enticing reward options, superb customer service, and targeted survey opportunities. We also build private, branded panels for our high-potential clients. Join our team if you want to be integrally involved with uSamp’s foundation – our panel!

We are currently looking for talented candidates to fill these positions:

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uSamp's investment & commitment in our core business gives the sales team the opportunity to introduce new services & products. — Ted Bouzakis, EVP and Head of NAS

We are obsessed with online and mobile market research growth. We spend our time creating and growing business partnerships with some of the most established companies and well-known brands. We are aggressive, charming, and love closing a sale. If you are intrinsically motivated and want to become a part of a winning team in the industry, join us!